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Mailing Services


Just one more way PIP makes your work easier...


 Save Cash
  • Automated Mailing Rates - You can save nearly 50% off of First Class postage rates.
  • Remove Duplicate Addresses - Don’t pay to mail two or more pieces to the same place.
  • Remove Invalid Addresses - All the mail we send out gets to it’s final destination. You won’t pay to mail your message only to have it returned by the Post Office.
 Save Time
  • One Stop - Don’t drive all over town. Whether we design your mail piece or you do, we will print and mail your message.
  • No More Postal Preparation - Forget about setting up a mail merge, printing and affixing labels, stuffing and sealing envelopes, affixing postage and filling out Postal forms.
  • Concentrate on YOUR business instead of dealing with mailing.

 Save Your Sanity

  • Mailing Lists - Don’t spend sleepness nights wondering how to reach new customers. Let us build a mailing list tailored to people most likely to respond to your message.
  • USPS Regulations - Let’s face it... do you really want to keep up to date with the Post Office?
  • Licking Envelopes... lots of them - Need we say any more?
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We can handle any of your mailing needs. Ask us how we can lower your postage rates and get your mailing delivered faster.