RTA Annual Report

Riverside Transit Agency

Project Details

Every year, the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) produces a report that details their accomplishments, identifies goals for the future, and provides the transparency and accountability expected from a public entity. Despite the challenges of 2020, RTA exceeded expectations. And, for this year’s report, they wanted to draw attention to the heroic efforts of their essential workers while reflecting their chosen theme, “The work was hard. The result was remarkable.”

After consulting with PrintMyStuff, RTA chose a combination of standout treatments to take their initial design to the next level.

RTA Annual Report

Finishing Details

  • Satin lamination (cover)
    Adds a luxurious feel and a matte finish to the entire side of the page, excellent for contrasting with raised spot UV
  • Raised spot UV solid (cover)
    Strategically adds a deep clear gloss coat to portions of the page to draw attention, adds dimension to the touch and when reflecting light.
    Example: Triangular-shaped “Heroes” photo.
  • Raised spot UV pattern (cover)
    Strategically adds a deep clear gloss coat in the form of a texture, adds dimension to the touch and when reflecting light.
    Example: Blue V-shape with herringbone pattern.
  • Spot clear gloss (interior)
    Adds shine to selected areas of the page, in any shape, to draw attention.
    Example: All photos and portions of the illustrations (computer, buildings).
  • Square edge
    Upgrades the spine from a simple fold by adding a square edge, similar to a paperback book.

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What did the client say?

“We worked hard to produce a professional product, and we expect our vendors to work as hard as we do to uphold our high standards. That’s why we were particularly impressed. From the glossy photos to the satin lamination to all the stitching and folding that went into the final product, this was a job that we could all be proud of.” – Jim Kneepkens, Chief Marketing Officer, Riverside Transit Agency

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