Custom 3D Signs – Featuring “Craftsmanship”

We’ve been in business for 50+ years, continually broadening our skill set and finding new ways to bring creativity and beauty to our customers. From its inception as vector points on a screen to an 8-foot-long sign layered with 4 different thicknesses of foam, this latest experimental venture saw an exceptional outcome.

Our most recent research & development project is mounted above the entry to our bindery – the place where we put on the final touches that bring your projects to life. Superior Craftsmanship really does happen there, and it only made sense to showcase that fact on our wall.

When it comes to creating signs from foam core, the possibilities are endless. Foam Signs can be multi-layered, vividly colored, and cut into custom shapes using different qualities and densities of foam. They are lightweight and can be more or less durable depending on the type of foam you request. If desired, they can be covered with a bright acrylic face.

Contact us to see if foam core is appropriate for your project, and for a free personalized estimate.

Storefront Impact

“’s storefront is stunning. Our presence is noticeable and it drives business! Besides it being designed, printed, manufactured and installed all under one roof, the storefront showcases the PrintMyStuff Team capabilities and reflects the quality of service we provide at PIP Printing – Riverside / Corona.” Michael Looy | Marketing Manager.

Are you ready to get started?

Whether you’re established or just starting out, don’t worry, we will assist you with your branding and signage needs from start to finish. Know that we thrive on building a relationship with you and are looking forward to doing business.