Fox Performing Arts Center of Riverside, CA

Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. & City of Riverside

Project Details

The Riverside Fox Theater, managed by Live Nation and the City of Riverside, also known as the Fox Performing Arts Center, is a historic building that hosts an eclectic variety of entertainers and performers. Now viewed as Riverside’s centerpiece of an up-and-coming downtown arts and culture scene, the cinema/vaudeville theater house has updated amenities and restorations for patron enjoyment and comfort. The fresh design also called for adaptations and additions on all three levels of the Fox Theater which included directional signage to guide attendees to specific locations inside the venue.

As design experts and true craftsmen with 49 years of printing experience, the PrintMyStuff Team was challenged to provide a set of custom, premium way-finding signage for the venue. The signs needed to clearly communicate directional information to eliminate confusion of landmark locations for visitors but also needed to fit the amazingly beautiful ambiance. Here’s what the team came up with:

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“The key to achieving quality is enjoying the process of creating it.”

Product Details

The PrintMyStuff Creative & Development Team pulled together to fabricate a complete set of interior directional signage that truly stands out from the ordinary. With the combination of precision CNC cut, direct print African mahogany wood and direct print frosted clear acrylic, the directional signage complements the aesthetic of the building’s rich history. A Spanish Colonial Revival textile accent pattern was replicated from the building’s original tiles from 1929, still in place throughout the venue. Each premium handcrafted sign is finished with a series of teak oils and wood stains, then prepared for either edge or backlit lighting.

Although each sign possesses an overall striking contrast, they hang perfectly in the dimly-lit lobbies while the bright white indicators remain visible and demand attention. The team at was able to successfully conceptualize, design, manufacture, install and deliver a premium product that supersedes the expectations set forth by the client. Day in, and day out, the team at strives for perfection, for every project and for every customer. So… with endless possibilities for your next custom sign or print project, ask yourself and your team, “What can do for us?”

What did the client say?

“Our friends at are some of the best and the brightest – those who have the most drive, instincts, and compassion around! They’re our instant solution for our printing needs & we lean on them to get nearly anything done in shortest of deadlines.” -T.N. Marketing Manager

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