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File Preparation Guidelines
We strongly encourage you to download our Designer's Guide (PDF format, 143K) for the most complete and recent File Preparation Guidelines and other important information about digital files.

This is the abbreviated version:

Provide all fonts (use Type1 instead of TrueType if possible)

BEWARE! Placed EPS files that contain type may require fonts not seen by your application until they are printed. To avoid delays, be certain to include ALL fonts necessary for the production of your job.

Provide all support graphics

Use appropriate file formats for placed graphics

For reliable results use EPS or TIFF formats for placed graphics. WMF, CGM, PICT, and WPG formats are unreliable when sent to high resolution output devices. Do not cut and paste graphics!

Use appropriate settings for placed graphics

Here are some basic settings your placed graphics should adhere to:

    All color bitmaps (TIFF and EPS) are to be:

      Imagesetting - CMYK, no RGB data

      Large-format InkJet - RGB EPS (profile embedded preferred)

    All vector artwork is to be CMYK or Spot (Pantone preferred), no RGB data.

Provide a printed sample of your file

This allows us to identify which graphics to expect and where, text placement and flow, a specific page of a multi-page document, etc. Without a hardcopy we don't know what to expect, therefore you may not get what you thought.

Make sure we can use your media

These are our in-house supported media formats:

Floppy Iomega Zip 100/250 Mb
Flash Memory Drives CD/DVD
Compact Flash Smart Media
Firewire Hard Drives USB Hard Drives

We can handle just about any computer file.